On April 7, Slates in Hallowell hosted the debut of Run On Sentence, A Portland, Ore.-based group, that is celebrating the release of a soundtrack they created for “Beneath The Harvest Sky,” a movie that was shot in Van Buren, ME. One of the members of the band — that is fronted by Dustin Hamman (who composed and produced the soundtrack CD) — is Dan Galucki who, it was discovered, has a decided Maine connection! To that end, a telephone interview was arranged that found him calling from the road.


Q: Where are you calling from now?

Galucki: I’m just about to leave Beaker City, Ore., and I’m heading to Boise, Idaho, we have several shows there this weekend (the call was made on Friday, March 21).


Q: Are you pretty much performing most of the time?


Galucki: Yeah, lately. I mean, the last year has been a lot of touring with both Run On Sentence and then the other band I play in called Wooden Indian Burial Ground — it’s much more like garage rock: kind of louder, more psychedelic stuff. We toured a bunch just since October of 2012.


Q: How long have you been in Run On Sentence?

Galucki: I met Dustin about six years ago and started playing with him maybe five years ago.


Q: Has Run On Sentence played in Maine before?


Galucki: Yeah, but it’s been a few years. We did a two-month tour a few summers ago, we played Brunswick, Portland and Biddeford; so it’s been a while. I’m excited about coming back.


Q: What part of Maine are you from originally?

Galucki: I’m from Jefferson … so like mid-coast. I grew up (there) but then went to high school in Hallowell at Hall-Dale. Basically, I lived in Hallowell until I moved to Portland, Ore. I grew up in Jefferson but I consider Hallowell my second home. I still have a lot of good friends there.


Q: Have you ever performed at Slates before?


Galucki: Ah, no, I haven’t … and to be honest I’m more excited to do that show than most things on this trip. To get to this place where there are a lot of old friends, you know?


Q: Now, for this Slates’ gig, is it going to be just Dustin and you playing?

Galucki: Yeah, as long as Dustin’s around it’s Run On Sentence, but when we play in Portland — Oregon that is — we’re a six-piece: two trumpets, drums, bass, electric guitar and acoustic guitar … but for touring purposes, Dustin and I have — over the last couple of years — settled into this duo easily. I play drums and he’s on guitar.


Q: Do you sing, as well?


Galucki: Nope, just Dustin.


Q: In helping to set this interview up, Dustin told me that you had gotten some screen time on this new movie.

Galucki: Yeah, yeah, I did — and that show at Slates is the official day that the soundtrack comes out, essentially … and it’s Dustin’s birthday, so it’s going to be a party! So the movie was shot in ‘way northern Maine and he was up there for two months — he was in a bunch more than I am, he’s a recurring character — then I got to go up there for about a week to be in this pit party scene … so that was cool.


Q: When does the movie come out?


Galucki: I believe the movie comes out on the 15th or the 16th of April. It got bought by Tribeca Films and after we get done in Maine we’re going down to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival to play with the film — we’re playing on the 18th in Manhattan. But it’s super exciting in a lot of different ways, obviously, for Dustin — he worked super hard on this — there’s a lot of different stuff on the soundtrack that he got to do that he wouldn’t necessarily be able to do on a normal record. I’m really excited to see the final thing.


Q: Do you have anything you’d like to get across to the folks reading this article?

Galucki: I guess what I’m most stoked about is coming to Maine — especially to Hallowell where I decided to pursue music and was inspired by guys like Steve Jones and all the other musicians there. So I feel happy and very fortunate that I get to go back and play there!


Lucky Clark has spent forty-five years writing about good music and the people who make it. He can be reached at luckyc@myfairpoint.net if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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