Since taking office, Maine Sen. Angus King has been a real champion of the science of climate change and acting to reduce carbon emissions. As a member of the Senate Climate Caucus, King recently participated in the all-night session, explaining how climate change threatens Maine’s environment, economy and way of life.

We are proud that King participated and wish to thank him for being a champion for Maine and the nation for legislative action on climate change.

King’s recently published article in a Maine newspaper stressed the urgent need to act on climate change. He says, “I recognize that the challenges posed by climate change are daunting and that the solutions are going to involve risk. But we cannot let our fear of change outweigh the imperative to take action. Neither Maine, nor the country, nor the international community can afford the immeasurable costs of continuing to ignore the facts.” Bold words from a bold leader.

We hope King will continue his climate leadership in strongly supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed carbon dioxide emission standards for coal-fired power plants, which are responsible for nearly 40 percent of U.S. carbon emission annually and now are allowed to dump unlimited amount of carbon dioxide into the air. These emissions drive climate change and pollute our air.

Maine is at the receiving end of this power plant air pollution. Maine and the Northeast already have taken major steps to reduce power plant pollution through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. The EPA rules will help ensure that power plants across the country follow our lead.

We hope King will continue his climate leadership by supporting the EPA’s power plant emission standards.

Judi and Erik EkholmWhitefield

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