The headline above a March 29 article read, “Detroit Tigers give $300 million contract to Miguel Cabrera.”

And people wonder what’s wrong with this country. The city of Detroit is in bankruptcy and unable to pay its debts, and a baseball team gives $300 million to a baseball player who plies his trade in a stadium, which more than likely was paid for in part by the taxpayers of Detroit.

According to the article, “He will make $43,195 every time he steps up to the plate.” That’s higher than the average yearly wage of a worker in the United States.

This is just one example of America gone crazy over sports, yet we allow our politicians to get away with gross mismanagement of the country to the point we will be coming to in the near future, a bankrupt nation.

In my lifetime, I have seen it all. From the greatest nation in the world to being on the brink of a banana republic. Sooner or later we have to pay the piper. My grandchildren will be on the hook for the bill, and that makes me sad.

Kevin P. MorrisseyWinslow

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