I am writing this letter in reference to the cartoon of Noah’s ark in the newspaper on April 2, portraying Barack Obama as Noah on the ark.

I think this cartoon was done in very poor taste. People cry about children praying in school, or the 10 Commandments outside of a courthouse. A lot of people don’t want any reference to God at all, and yet, when it suits someone else’s agenda, they use it in a blasphemous way.

Barack Obama is far from being a prophet, or any other type of a religious figure; if anything, he is just the opposite.

My husband and I are both artists, and I personally would not pooh-pooh someone’s art. However, when it attacks others’ beliefs in God, and pokes fun at a real event that was written about in the Bible, I do have a problem with that.

The cartoon was offensive, and I, for one, did not appreciate it.

Beverly BusqueWaterville