Why do we need affordable health care? In a free and Democratic society, we help take care of one another; insurance, after all, is a shared expense or it could never work. What about the quote, “With freedom comes responsibility”?

Unfortunately (and Fox News probably forgot to tell us this), not all insurance companies operate with people in mind, only profits. Many policies covered people inadequately or put up roadblocks to obtaining health care even when a person paid their monthly fees. That is the sad truth behind much big business.

It is expensive to use the emergency room, but that is often the case, especially when their extremely wealthy employer gives them only enough hours to keep them from affording insurance or being able to be covered at work. All of the executives are covered.

When people complain about the Affordable Care Act, I have to wonder why on Earth they would complain about something that people signed up for in the millions? The catch word of the week on Fox News I believe was the certain “death spiral,” but it did not happen.

If the other side doesn’t have a solution, then they shouldn’t criticize.

A penalty may seem harsh, but that should be not portrayed inaccurately, either. A more equitable question would be: What could be done to enhance this bill?

I have always appreciated having health care through my employer and know how very fortunate I am, but I also realize that it is not the same for everyone. For some, it is very difficult.

I hope that people who vilify liberals realize that they often benefit from the very programs they don’t support.

Lisa KimballEast Madison

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