Talking points. Political parties have their talking points. Fans of politics use them. Politicians use them. And of course the media will use them as well. But the question is, do they always add up? In my humble opinion, the Democratic party does a better job of producing talking points that do not always add up. So I present to you a litany Democratic talking points that I must question and welcome debate via these editorial pages.

Democrats say, “People need a livable wage” when talking about raising the minimum wage. So I must ask why they want to raises taxes continuously on workers and employers. In addition, taxing the employers further hinders the employers from giving raises.

Democrats say, “Everybody deserves health care.” OK, but how many people deserve to be forced to pay for it?

Democrats say that “we will pay for peoples healthc are anyway if we do not expand MaineCare.” Untrue. I personally just finished paying for a few thousand dollars of my own medical bills without anybody’s help and I am not rich. I also do not have health care and refuse to believe that the world owes me something because others may have more than I do. Greed and envy are lousy neighbors.

Democrats claim “the governor has launched a war on the poor,” by trying to stop people from stealing benefits that are for the needy. Backwards anybody? Doesn’t it seem like the governor has launched a war to protect the poor from the people who are taking needlessly? The Democrats in their non support of welfare fraud initiatives appear to be declaring that “Maine is open for welfare fraud.” Interestingly, one would think that Democrats would want an improved MaineCare system. Two plus two equals four, I think.

Tobey McAfeeAugusta

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