Now that the weather is warming, Harley riders are coming into their full glory.

What gives them the right to individually make more noise than any other combustion engine on the road besides an 18-wheeler? And groups of 8-10 Harleys outdo any other road noise by far.


Engine noise won’t protect them when every four-wheeled vehicle is sealed tight and couldn’t hear a bomb go off 25 feet away.

And why the idiotic revving of their engines while stationary at a light or just chatting with other similar engine-revvers? Nervous tic? Too quiet for ’em?

Here’s a safety plan for Harley riders:


• Install big headlights fore and aft, and on the sides if possible. Keep those lights on all the time.

• Wear big orange outer clothing and a helmet of fluourescent orange, preferably with a blinking light.

Although, Halloween is a long way away, they would resemble armies of giant jack o’ lanterns streaming down Maine roads until then. What could be safer than that?

Just think. The Toy Run in September could be seen by satellite, like the Great Wall of China.

Denis ThoetWest Gardiner

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