Kudos to the new newspaper columnist, Adrian Crawford, who writes the column extolling the many new and exciting adventures he is experiencing while breaking into new surroundings and customs in our area.

It is refreshing for us locals who have lived here for a long time to hear and read of a new prospective being seen and taking part in by a new pair of eyes, i.e., Maine Maple Sunday. I do not know how long Crawford plans to stay in our area, but he hasn’t yet begun to see past the tip of the iceberg for fun things to do.

Contrary to what the columnist may think, we do have three other seasons filled with enticing trips within a day’s drive and delicious food for accompaniment for the taste buds. He should try out a boat ride to Cabbage Island with lobster and corn on the cob, fresh strawberries and blueberries in the summer months, mouth-watering baked beanhole beans and visit many of the small towns along the sea coast and in the western part of the state. And don’t forget state fairs, swimming and boating and the great autumnal showing of colors in the northern and western parts of the state.

I do believe Crawford will be “stoked” many more times again and I look forward to his upcoming columns, which have been a delight to read. I hope he continues to paint pictures with his choice of words.

Peg BeedyAugusta

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