I missed M.D. Harmon’s column on April 5, “‘More guns, less crime’ just got proved all over again,” but I did read the response to it by Dean Crocker on April 16, “Harmon makes gun advocates look like idiots.” I didn’t read Harmon’s, but the message I got by reading Crocker’s is that I am not sure either is really informed enough to know what they are talking about.

For a start, I suggest they both read “More Guns Less Crime,” by John Lott. They should remember that if the information within it was in error, there are many organizations that would have brought it to the attention of the National Rifle Association, media and every newspaper in the country.

If gun owners should not have guns that hold 10 or 100 rounds for recreational shooting, then I propose no one need an automobile that will go faster then the maximum posted speed limit up to 65 miles per hour. Remember speed kills. After all, there are hundreds of times more vehicles on the road that are exposed to people than there are firearms in total.

Richard BessonShawmut

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