A front-page article on April 23, “Couple investigated in moose encounter,” describes a run-in a New Hampshire couple had with a moose while snowmobiling on a trail near Jackman.

The article refers the reader to a video that clearly shows the couple chasing the moose, until the moose finally had enough of it and turns to stand his ground and the subsequent standoff against the husband.

From the video, it was obvious that hubby was no longer having fun as he was forced to retreat.

I say, three cheers for the moose.

While the couple tried to justify their actions, the video clearly shows they were chasing and harassing one of Maine’s majestic state animals. How dare they come to where the moose lives, his front yard, and chase him on snowmobiles.

I sincerely hope the Warden Service does investigate the couple and charge them with a misdemeanor for harassing wildlife. And, in a way, I am sorry the moose showed restraint. The wife contemplated shooting the moose before firing her peashooter into the air. Like that weapon would have stopped an angry moose; barring an extremely lucky shot, it would only have served to make him more angry.

New Hampshire has plenty of snowmobile trails and, according to the signs at the borders telling drivers to avoid hitting them, moose. Just a thought, but maybe the couple could limit their harassment of wildlife to their “home” state.

Anne P. SchaadFayette

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