SOLON — The town of Solon will hold a special town meeting at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Town Office Conference Room.

One item to be considered is to trade in its 2008 Sterling truck and to spend up to $71,000 from the Highway Equipment Reserve account to purchase a 2015 tandem axle truck and to remove and upgrade the equipment on the 2008 truck and have it installed on the new truck. The 2008 truck does not operate well at the low speeds needed to plow snow. This causes diesel fumes to build up in the cab creating a health risk to The driver. The town has $139,334 in this reserve account.

The second item to be considered is to add River Road to the 2014 road paving project; to decide on a 5/8″ maintenance surface treatment on the road and still be within the road paving budget approved at the annual town meeting. This will prolong the life of the road until it can be repaved in 2019.

Neither of the two articles would raise additional funds by taxation.

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