Knowledge has always been at the center of every great society, and libraries have been a representation of this. For example look at the public library in New York City; it is a massive building with plenty of room. Now I realize that Augusta is nowhere near the size of NYC, but in order for the capital city to grow and adapt to the future, the Lithgow Library must be expanded.

Access to the Internet is vital for today’s families, and many in the Augusta area cannot afford some form of network connection. This can cause a problem for both parents and students, since Internet access is a vital part of life nowadays. Whether it’s searching for jobs, researching or writing a paper, this access is imperative.

Would parents in this area rather see their children in safe, monitored environment or hanging out downtown? With the expansion, teenagers would have more room to study, read, access information and see their friends, as well. How many places in Augusta are there to afford them this option? Not many.

To promote reading, kids must have access to books. Higher reading levels have a direct relationship on success in life. The public library should be the focal point of a community. Knowledge is power, and readers are leaders.

Smaller communities in our area, such as Wayne village, always find a way to find funds for their town’s library, so why can’t Augusta?

Ryan Dumont, Augusta

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