Two of our favorite Maine chefs praised “Eating in Maine” effusively on the back cover of this exceptional book and boy, did they get it right.

“Eating in Maine is a dazzling, intelligent, invaluable resource for the home cook and for anyone wanting to know more about the booming culinary scene in Maine,” wrote Shannon Bard, the owner/chef of Portland’s amazing Mexican restaurant, Zapoteca.

“Jillian and Malcolm are the real thing. From hot dogs to haute cuisine, if it tastes good, they let the rest of us know about it,” said Kerry Altiero, the very creative owner/chef of Rockland’s Cafe Miranda.

Malcolm and Jillian Bedell’s Maine food blog,, is wildly popular, and their new book, “Eating in Maine — At Home, On The Town and On the Road,” promises the same. Published by Tilbury House, the book is creatively organized, offering 115 recipes (the Bedell’s love to cook creatively at home), 50 restaurant reviews and seven food-centered road trips organized by month.

Linda and I have written about 10 of the restaurants in this book, and we’re making plans immediately to try five of the others. We agree with the Bedell’s on their picks for best Italian sandwiches: Anania’s in Portland and Amatos (many locations). They rave about the Sicilian Slice at Micucci’s Market in Portland, as do we. We think Long Grain in Camden might be the best Thai restaurant in Maine and the Bedell’s write, “Everything about the place is sensational.”

They also recognized that Big G’s in Winslow “is a central Maine institution,” but made the mistake there of ordering four half-sandwiches. If you have ever been to Big G’s, you understand their mistake!

“Eating in Maine” covers the entire dining scene from “Best drive-in cheeseburgers” to a “food-focused, 3-day weekend in Portland.”

While you will certainly try some of the restaurants mentioned in the book, you are absolutely going to want to attempt a lot of the recipes. Some are complex but many are creative ways to make things like American Chop Suey and Welsh Rarebit (which I still call Welsh Rabbit). Brown Ale and Cheddar Soup is something I will try to make soon, when Linda gives me a chance to cook and, while in the kitchen, I shall sneak in a batch of Macaroon Whoopie Pies. Yum! Thank you Bedells!

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