I was intrigued by the article and arguments for two-way traffic on downtown Waterville Main Street. I moved to Waterville from Winslow in 2007, and I’ve been disappointed to discover that vehicle traffic in downtown Waterville makes walking difficult. The 25 mph speed limit is regularly surpassed, but it is the number of vehicles, not their speed, that makes pedestrian crossing difficult.

The problem is the conflicting goals (and needs) between pedestrians and motorists. Many drivers are interested only in getting through Waterville. They are not here to shop or to enjoy the sights. They belong on roads designed and designated for speed as through traffic.

Downtown and pedestrians would be better served if Main Street were replaced by a bicycle and electric cart path. Downtown Main Street could be made into a permanent park, with benches, picnic tables, recycling bins, a swing set and shade. The city could provide an electric trolley or golf carts to give people an easy way to take purchases from stores to their parked cars. Front Street and Spring Street could be used for two-way motor vehicle traffic.

If we made downtown Waterville a destination and not a traffic conduit, the people will come.

The street I live on is a designated through road and has two-way traffic, which makes it harder to cross than Main Street with its one-way traffic.

For my residence, I have to accept that I chose to live on a main thoroughfare, but downtown Waterville has other options. I hope we find a way to make Main Street a destination worth walking in.

Gale Davison


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