GARDINER —School Administrative District 11 Adult Education graduation was held on June 4.

Equivalency diplomas were awarded to Mary Benitez, Sam Bustos, Clifford Chase, Blake Cote, Cindy Cunningham, Jasline Dicent, Matthew Doughty, William Downing, Jr., Keith Eaton, Robert Field, Mara Hayford, Stefani Ingalls, Sunni Larson, Leah Madsen, Gabe Mathews, Judith Neptune, Brittany Randall, Joseph Riel, John Sheehan and Adam Soto.


Mary Jane Small Scholarship: Brandi Greene and Jessica Hall.

Michael J. Carrie Scholarship: Adam Soto.

Robinson Trust Scholarship: Brittany Randall, Adam Soto, and Cathy Brown.

Gardiner Rotary Club Scholarship: Joseph Riel and Mara Hayford.

Courage to Grow Scholarship: Jasline Dicent.


Highest Achievement for Equivalency Diploma Program: Stefani Ingalls.

SOAR Award: Adam Soto.

Director’s Award: Keith Eaton.

National Adult Education Honor Society: Leah Madsen, Jasline Dicent, Brittany Randall and Stefani Ingalls.

Outstanding Students in College Transition Program: Cathy Brown, Jessica Hall, Scott Dolloff, Jasline Dicent and Adam Soto.

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