As an 83-year-old retired Master Maine Guide, a former resident of Maine and a continued property owner, I am concerned about the approaching referendum “Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting.”

Mother Nature has a grand plan, and man has disrupted it. Now it is up to man to manage it, and it should not be done by carrying signs or with a ballot box.

We will best be served by listening to the people in the fish and game department and its biologists whose life-work is understanding and dealing with these concerns. It is important for people to know all sides of the issue and not respond emotionally.

I urge all voters to show their interest in this issue by becoming informed.

I personally would ask voters who consider themselves real Mainers to vote no on Question 1 in November. Voters need to defeat the misguided antis again.

Ken Groder

Newburyport, Mass.

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