AUGUSTA — A Waterville man was convicted Thursday of operating under the influence following a one-day jury trial in Kennebec County Superior Court.

Stephen M. Singleton, 52, was sentenced to five days in jail and fined $600. His driver’s license was suspended for 90 days.

The sentence was stayed until July 18. In the meantime, Singleton has filed a notice of appeal in the same court. The offense occurred July 27, 2013, in Waterville.

Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney warned drivers that OUI convictions can be costly.

“An OUI charge will cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars,” she said in an email. “An accident can take your life or the life of someone else.”

She based the cost estimate on court fines, lawyer fees, fees to the Secretary of State and increased insurance costs.

Singleton was represented at the trial by attorney Darrick Banda, who said on Monday that he had concerns about the trial running so late on July 3.

Banda said the jury sent a note to the judge saying they were deadlocked after about two hours of deliberation.

“The note indicated three people were firmly of the belief he was not guilty,” Banda said.

After the judge reinstructed jurors, they returned a verdict within 10 minutes.

“I think they rushed to make a decision,” Banda said.

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