There is only a slim chance I might become disenchanted with Mike Michaud, for no other reason that — though he has shown his commitment to the needs of veterans and done well representing his district — he seems to not vigorously attack the idiocy of many current members of the Legislature. But his “laid-back” style may be just his strategy and personality, which I can accept.

And as far a Eliot Cutler’s campaign, I see another ego-driven millionaire, who, like Angus King (and Collins too) seem to feel that being rich gives him the divine right to decide what’s best for working people. Though I do give Cutler a lot of credit for his comment that if the polling looks like another spoiler situation, by all means, change your vote.

The telling thing was when Gov. Paul LePage characterized those of us who are now collecting Social Security, which we paid into, and are covered by Medicare, are receiving “welfare.” Sure, his lackeys said he didn’t “mean” it, but I think he did. So as far as I’m concerned he can pack up his tea bags and crawl back into the woodwork.

Peter Froehlich


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