We read an article online about a proposal to dispense with pension benefits for life for Gov. Paul LePage and anyone else only serving one term as governor. This was overwhelmingly quashed by the Legislature and he is set for not only his lifetime but benefits for his wife as well, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

It sounds like this is a source of welfare to us. If Social Security is welfare then so is this fat pension that the governor will receive. He will be living on welfare for the rest of his life. We are tired of these so-called public servants working in primo circumstances for a few years, receiving all these benefits for life after leaving office. They should serve for a modest income that befits their experience and accomplishments. Talk about welfare.

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: those of us on Social Security signed up for a benefit that we paid for from day one of our working lives. We also pay a premium for our Medicare every month. How does that smack of welfare?

Social Security’s design was darn near perfect. Equate it to a small snowball put in motion with lots of little snowflakes, rolling down the hill of our lifetimes. By the time we reached the bottom of our mountain of life it would be a huge amount, but it hit the giant rock of greed on the way down and smashed into such small pieces that it could no longer gather the amount intended to make it last forever. Now it is in trouble and the government is trying to throw it out because it doesn’t work, and we have a big-mouthed idiot calling what’s left welfare. Give us a break.

Austin and Marti Brann


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