During the summer, we drivers have many things to be aware of while driving. More activity from other drivers, children, road construction and wild life.

While driving home from a doctor’s appointment recently, my son and I took the long way back from Richmond. It was beautiful. Once we passed through most of South Gardiner, we noticed a car pulled over to the side of the road and saw a blonde woman standing in the road.

She was “helping” a large turtle cross the road by kicking it. To my horror, she kept kicking this poor animal across to the other lane. We pulled over and I got out, telling her, “It’s not a snapping turtle; you don’t need to kick it!”

The point is, if a person sees a large turtle in the road and can’t pick it up, they should leave it alone. They shouldn’t abuse the poor thing while they’re “helping” it. They’re defeating the purpose they started out with.

Amanda Bernard


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