There are many good single mothers in the state of Maine. They do their best to care for their kids and bring them up the right way.

There are, however, some single mothers who abuse the court and welfare system. Some of these mothers do not want their children. They would rather go out and run around in bar rooms and party. They seek and gain primary residence of their children for no other reason than to gain welfare benefits, food stamps and child support payments.

Often times, the father is kept at a distance with little or no influence in the lives of his children. The court system is failing these fathers, and they are failing these children.

If the father pushes for primary residence of his children, he might be met with false claims of domestic violence. These claims do not have to come in the form of criminal charges. It is far too easy for a woman to walk into a court house, file a protection from abuse complaint without a single shred of evidence, and pretty much guarantee custody of the minor children involved.

If the man opposes the order, the judge makes a decision based upon preponderance of evidence. A finding of abuse often has lifetime penalties, such as never being able to own a firearm. This practice is not fair. The court system needs to do a better job of looking out for what’s best for the children.

Programs and policies were put in place to protect single mothers from abusive men and help get them get back on their feet, not to help dishonest single mothers get unfair advantages in custody disputes.

Michael R. Dorval


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