What a shame the priorities this country puts on necessities. Barack Obama asks for roughly $4 billion to aid the influx of illegal immigrants flooding our borders. As usual, our government thinks throwing money at its problems solves everything. To the contrary, all our problems are created by our two-party system that is so misaligned that nothing will ever come to wake these diametrically opposed parties to even care about their country.

I once wrote that our national guard troops should have been protecting our borders years ago rather than spilling their blood to protect other countries. It is time, albeit very late, to do just do that. If only politicians will listen.

I feel sorry for those children being misled to travel to America where all is wonderful. As a veteran, however, I believe that our top priority should be to care for all our homeless veterans and other homeless in America, as well as all the poor Americans still struggling to get out of poverty and capture the American dream. Then and only then will I feel that America should open its borders to everyone regardless of race, creed, age, refugee status, etc.

I conclude by asking Catholic Charities if they don’t agree it would be more prudent to first take care of our own citizens before inviting more in when we can’t afford them. Oh yes, I forgot, the taxpayers will help out.

Frank D. Slason


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