With 30 years in the medical transportation field at Delta Ambulance, I often take for granted what I’ve absorbed over the years, realizing people in the community may be unaware of important medical choices they have.

Options we have relating to our health are some of the most crucial considerations we can make throughout our lives, from feeling comfortable with our primary care physician to the basics of eating a nutritious diet and staying active. These are choices that affect our well-being and lives from the time we are born until we are elderly; decisions made by our parents, ourselves and our children.

Seldom do we think about what would happen in the event of an emergency, such as a broken leg or a sudden collapse. In central Maine, when Delta or other first responders arrive on scene to provide care to a person, it’s important that person realize that the hospital we transport them to is their preference and choice. This is a choice that many people just don’t know about. If a patient does not indicate a hospital preference, the paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), or first responders will transport them to the closest hospital emergency room.

In our line of work, it truly is all about our patients and providing the best care possible with compassion. Their choice matters to them and it matters to us.

Tim Beals, executive director

Delta Ambulance


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