Our state and federal governments have the potential to commit acts or allow others to commit acts that may be detrimental to our economy. It doesn’t matter if the acts are direct or indirect. It does matter if the results of those actions affect residents in the present, immediate future or even the distant future. That is why we must prepare.

The simplest strategy would be for each and every individual to prepare for the economic worst. That way practically every individual able to prepare has the potential to survive the economic worst. That’s what is called progress in decreasing individual economic liabilities.

However, there is no status in preparing for the economic worst. Status often depends on purchasing more expensive consumer products to appear superior to others. As if expensive to cheap clothing is a status symbol, compared to generals and privates in an army.

This is why there will always be two types of people in society: One group considers itself better than others because of status. The other group thinks the first group is insane. Its members are grounded by realizing it’s not about increasing their rewards; it’s about minimizing their losses.

In the past, I advocated that everyone put aside their differences and work together. I think now those in the first group are incapable of doing that because it doesn’t promote status. However, maybe those in the second group can network with others who put progress before status.

The bottom line is people need to consider working toward economically entrenching themselves, networking with others who do the same and forgetting about those who refuse to.

Douglas Papa


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