I am concerned about the effects of global climate change on the world in general and on Maine in particular. Increasing damage is resulting from the rising intensity of storms, floods, droughts and fires.

A national report at riskybusiness.org predicts that annual costs from storm damage for Maine over a 20-year period are “most likely” to be a quarter of a billion dollars. And that doesn’t consider costs of related factors the risk assessment studied.

The current Legislature, supported by Republican leaders such as Sen. Michael Thibodeau, R-Winterport, is standing in the way of alternative energy development, preferring to support a multibillion-dollar fossil fuel pipeline that Maine taxpayers will help pay for.

Thibodeau’s Democratic opponent, Jonathan Fulford, of Monroe, supports development of alternative energy and other steps to reduce the impact of global climate crisis for our children, Maine, the world. I’ll be voting for him for state Senate District 23 in November.

Cloe Chunn


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