First, I would like to thank M.D. Harmon for his July 5 commentary, “This week’s Supreme Court rulings give believers a reason to celebrate,” about the Supreme Court’s decision in the Hobby Lobby case. Secondly, I am grieved by the commentary by Tina Duprey, “Freedom for Hobby Lobby’s religion, but not everyone’s,” printed on July 3, and the July 8 Maine Compass, “Outrageous Supreme Court rulings take aim at women’s freedoms,” by Karen Heck.

Harmon’s article impressed me because he told the truth, something the other two did not. They led the reader to believe that this ruling was about denying contraceptives to female employees via their workplace healthcare plan. The truth is that the ruling was about four out of 16 contraceptives that cause abortions. It was about a constitutional freedom for a family-based business. Unfortunately, some today think religious freedom begins and ends at the church door; however, a true believer in Jesus Christ knows that faith permeates every aspect of one’s life — it’s not just a “Sunday-go-to-meeting” religion.

The next truth Harmon told, which was totally missed by the other two, is that life begins at conception. Heck called it the government controlling women’s bodies. Do pro-choice activists actually believe that pregnancy is a time in life when a woman actually has two distinct sets of DNA molecules, two hearts, four ears, four eyes, 20 toes, 20 fingers, etc.

Preposterous! Let’s be truthful: When talking about abortion, we’re not talking about a woman’s body; we’re talking about the body of another human being. Should a woman really have a choice to commit murder?

Sandi Rebert


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