When Paul LePage removed the murals, he implied that the morals and integrity of Mainers are not worthy. Being from Maine was revered until his ignominious statements and governance brought us shame, ridicule in the national media.

LePage’s rhetoric and apathetic relation with every sector of society’s workers is arrogant and biased. LePage’s obstinate and conjectural character is repugnant and repulsive to any honest business that would consider expanding or anyone willing to establish in Maine.

LePage wants tax-free and union-free zones and to expand corporate welfare and subsidies, which are obtained by sucking everything from the working poor and municipalities. Refuses our aging, prone to illness, affordable health insurance based on obscure and concoct statistics.

With LePage there’s no money to feed hungry children or shelter the elderly, but plenty to refurnish the Capitol’s dome.

LePage’s as nourishing for Maine as a half-opened nutless pistachio. Enough of this unable-bodied.

Denis M. Rioux


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