In his first term, Gov. Paul LePage has made major tax cuts to lift the burden on approximately two-thirds of Maine’s taxpayers and has significantly improved the ability for new businesses to come to Maine, therefore creating much-needed jobs.

In addition to fiscal reforms, LePage has taken action to help protect the environment. As an Eagle Scout who grew up in Maine, I love the outdoors and will not stand for companies or individuals who take reckless and unnecessary action that harm the environment.

LePage proved his initiative when his Department of Environmental Protection issued the second-largest environmental penalty in history, of $900,000 against Chevron for a major oil spill.

LePage cares about not only people in Maine but also for the environment, and he works hard to preserve it.

His actions speak louder than words, and those actions have made Maine a better place to live for everyone.

Camerin Michael Seigars


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