Are we witnessing premeditated governmental implosion? Government’s No. 1 responsibility is to protect the nation. The president takes an oath to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

This president, Congress and the Supreme Court repeatedly fail to perform their most basic civil duties. The infraction list is long, topped by 57,000 children pouring across our border from Central America. One must suspend reality to believe the border is secure, as some claim. Somewhere, 114,000 parents await an invitation to join their children in the United States.

President Barack Obama has made wholesale amendments — not just enhancements or clarifications — to a law that he himself signed, excusing large groups of people and entire geographical regions from that law. Prior presidents have applied more numerous executive orders, but not to singlehandedly change laws they pushed through Congress.

IRS targets conservative groups and loses an eye-popping $10 billion annually for five years.

The Supreme Court cannot see the unconstitutionality in forcing people to buy a product simply because they breathe.

Debt explodes from $9 trillion to $17 trillion — the supposed cure for the Great Recession.

Members of Congress exempt themselves from laws.

The takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy fronted by the lie of cheaper and better health care.

Unemployment leisurely subsides to 6.1 percent while new part-time jobs barely outpace loss of full-time jobs. We cannot endure more presidential laser-like job focus. North Dakota’s lowest in the nation unemployment rate of 2.6 percent occurs in spite of presidential policies.

Obama requests $4 billion for illegal alien children, but ignores the crisis at the Veterans Affairs.

When rule of law believers speak out to follow the Constitution, establishment politicians feign alarm, as if constitutional indifference made this nation great. Meanwhile, nothing of consequence is done, and the actual problem is ignored.

Greg Paquet


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