I agree wholeheartedly with Gary Hilliard (letter, July 27) that “the people of Maine should rely on solid science and sound conservation practices” when it comes to wildlife management in general and bear management in particular.

Unfortunately, Maine’s so-called bear management program, like most of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife’s programs, relies more on politics and who can yell the loudest than it does on “sound science.”

There is no science to support Maine’s bear feeding program that dumps millions of pounds of food in the woods to feed thousands of bears. Science does tell us that feeding bears simply produces more bears. The 30 percent increase in Maine’s bear population since the last bear referendum is proof of that. If Hilliard wants bears running around downtown Waterville and his back yard, then by all means he should vote to keep this feeding program.

John M. Glowa Sr.

South China

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