I have seen some rather excited letters about the suggested fair bear hunting legislation that have been written by people who have not read the proposal or who do misunderstand what is at issue.

The proposal does not outlaw hunting and meat-eating. Hunting absolutely is not targeted. People have hunted since the beginning of time — and will continue to do so, regardless of whether this proposal passes.

The decision to eat meat is personal, based on health and ethical considerations. It has nothing to do with the proposed legislation.

The proposal would outlaw using dog packs, using traps and using bait to entice bears to linger in a spot where they will be killed.

What makes dogs happy is to share activities with us. They pack-hunt because they wish to please their owners. They trust that we will not set them up in a situation where they may be maimed or killed.

Trapping is not a sport; it is an ambush.

Lacing a spot with tempting junk food is an activity frowned on by almost everyone who knows about wildlife-human interaction. “Training” bears to develop a taste for human food is a recipe for trouble. The fear is that these predators will move on to campgrounds and even school yards.

Reasonable voters should study and analyze rather than yield to inflamed rhetoric from either side. This is a serious issue to us all.

Barbara Gunvaldsen, Fairfield

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