I would like to chime in on the upcoming bear referendum. This is not a bear hunting issue.

Voters need to understand that the coming vote in November is not a bear hunting issue. Instead it is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by the Humane Society of America (HSUS) to eventually take away all of our hunting rights.

During the last referendum, Wayne Pacell, CEO of HSUS, said publicly that “our goal is the elimination of all hunting in the United States.” If we lose our bear hunts, they will be back and come after our deer, upland duck and small game hunting rights.

As I write this, bird hunters in California are waging this battle, and HSUS is trying to eliminate hunting for mountain lions in a midwestern state.

Maine’s bear hunting industry generates several million dollars annually. Hundreds of jobs that Maine people currently hold will be lost. My greatest concern is that too many voters will think that, because we won the last election, we’ll win again and their vote isn’t needed.

We won the last election by only 6 percent, and we need every vote.

I urge others to the polls and vote no on the bear hunting referendum in November.

Carroll M. Ware

Fins and Furs Adventures


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