I am responding to the July 17 newspaper’s editorial guest column by Dan Thomasson, “Firearms debate gets a new player.”

Michael Bloomberg proposes to pump $50 million into an anti-gun organization, called “Everytown for Gun Safety,” which works to end gun violence by banning guns.

Let’s face it. Guns are not going to go away. Any good machinist or computer engineer can manufacture a bolt, receiver and a barrel, with metal or a composite material, to replace confiscated firearms.

Bloomberg would put his $50 million funds to better use if he spent it on improving mental health programs and hospitals, updating the U.S. judicial system and creating new jobs. The courts are cluttered, a true sign of decline of our country’s democracy.

While Thomasson is a learned op-ed columnist, he does not properly understand the Second Amendment of our Constitution. Nor does he understand the subtle way in which confiscating guns is a first step to deny our American freedom. President Barack Obama does not care, because with all the crises America is having, I believe his ultimate goal is to surrender American freedom and American sovereignty to the United Nations one-world government.

We should dock Obama’s salary by 60 percent, stop funding the United Nations and kick them out of New York. We are always at fault for what good we try to do.

Hooray for Israel. Hallelujah for the National Rifle Association.

John S. Olsson


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