I am writing in response to what I feel is a misrepresentation of the truth. Shenna Bellows, candidate for U.S. Senate, recently attended a conference in Detroit, where she said she had the unanimous endorsement of the Maine AFL-CIO.

This statement does not reflect the truth. At the convention where the AFL-CIO voted to endorse her, the machinists unions did not vote to endorse her. At a meeting held the previous day, two international unions voted against the endorsement of Bellows. These votes against her hardly represent the “unanimous endorsement” Bellows now claims to have.

Both the Machinist Locals S6 and S7 at Bath Iron Works, along with our brothers and sisters in UAW Local 3999 and the firefighters, have endorsed Sen. Susan Collins. She works hard for us and our shipyard, and we will continue to fight hard for her.

Ryan Jones


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