Rep. Ann Dorney, D-Norridgewock, has served our community for more than 30 years as a family doctor and business owner in Skowhegan. She’s my family’s doctor and was with us for our children’s births. We’re very thankful for her care. She always looks at problems with a level head. We appreciate her common-sense approach.

I serve with Dorney in the Legislature and appreciate her hard work. Her knowledge about serving our elderly is critical when crafting policy. She doesn’t just take votes in Augusta and hope for the best.

To help with energy costs, she held an energy expo in Madison, sharing information about home energy-efficiency. She spent hours at the Veterans Affairs center at Togus connecting homeless veterans with services. She used her medical expertise to advocate for more effective treatment of people struggling with addiction.

Her frugality, passion for conservation and outdoor heritage are vital.

Rep. Jeff McCabe


Assistant Majority Leader

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