I have been hunting in Maine for more than 60 years, and I do not approve of the current method of baiting, trapping and chasing bear with hounds.

It is sad that the state of Maine is the only state that permits these three practices. In traveling to other states with large bear populations, we are warned by park rangers not to feed the bears or they could be addicted to human food.

We have a problem here in Maine, where bears wander into built-up areas.

I believe bears should be hunted the same as we hunt deer. I never hunted for bear, but as a deer hunter I could have shot four in my lifetime. I could have increased this if I had devoted my time to hunting them.

If the current system is voted out, Maine will see an increase in the hunters who stalk bear and this will fill the void that is expected to occur.

The current system is a cruel practice, and I shall vote yes on the referendum this fall. I encourage others to do the same.

Robert E. Greeley


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