Those who don’t learn from the past are bound to repeat it. Truer words were never spoken about Paul LePage and his Commissioner Mary Mayhew at the Department of Health and Human Service in regards to the state’s Riverview Psychiatric Center.

Having learned or remembered nothing from the McKernan administration’s debacle at the Augusta Mental Health Institute, which led to deaths and a temporary federal takeover of the facility, the merry LePage crew took its eyes off the ball, again resulting in patient mistreatment and dangerous lapses in record-keeping.

In addition, it will cost the state a loss of $20 million annually in federal support until the facility is recertified. Where were LePage and Mayhew while all this was going on? In court, trying to take medical care and General Assistance aid away from Maine citizens and undocumented aliens, many of them innocent children.

Just another LePage success story.

Paul W. Dutram


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