Why do you think they call it dope? It turns you into one.

All I can say is, been there, done that, got the T-shirt, wore it out and used it to clean my Harley.

I’ve grown it, smoked it and mixed it with other stuff.

I’ve been around this crowd and have been a wallflower, observing those around me.

In my opinion, it, mixed with other stuff, leads to impulse decisions, which eventually leads to meeting our law enforcement officials, who are doing their best to deal with this crisis.

Youngsters are going to do as they feel. They can think about this old dude’s letter or not, but I’ve done the crowbar gigs and it’s not fun.

If they want to make something out of themselves, though they shouldn’t keep up that type of lifestyle.

The problem is that kids are having kids who are on crack who have kids addicted to crack.

Pete Fernald Jr.


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