The Aug. 26 Associated Press story about the mass exodus of Israelis on the Gaza border was quite interesting. Apparently, the Israelis who illegally settled those areas decades ago are real nervous about the ordnance flying over their heads in both directions. Can’t say’s I blame them.

It is most fortunate for the Israelis that they can run and hide. It’s not that easy for the people of Gaza to run and hide.

For decades, the Israelis have imprisoned Palestinians on that small strip of land called Gaza. Massive prison walls and checkpoints have encircled Gaza. The residents are not allowed through those barriers and checkpoints to travel to other parts of Palestine or Israel.

Palestinians have died at checkpoints waiting for their ambulance to get through to a hospital. And why have they not gone to a hospital in Gaza? Because the Israelis have either blocked necessary medical equipment and supplies or blown up the hospital with bombs.

The Gazans couldn’t even rebuild their destroyed property, even if they had the money. The Israeli military blocks the importing of building supplies.

As Americans, we should be very proud that our hundreds of billions of tax dollars went to Israel so they could buy more weapons from our own military-industrial complex in order to enslave Palestinians.

True, Israel has a right to exist. So does Gaza and the rest of Palestine. By all means, if someone makes his or her living providing weapons of mass destruction, they should continue to support Israel’s policy of suppression. If, however, a person makes his or her living providing education, health care, social services, transportation, food and other local commodities, perhaps they should try to re-align their political and moral priorities.

Peter P. Sirois


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