Hamas has claimed victory in its latest clash with Israel. It shows its concern over the Palestinians, for more than 2,000 people have died, and the infrastructure of cities in Gaza has beendevastated. Quite a victory.

I read in the media about the body counts in Gaza and Israel. They make it sound like the war is unfair because the Israelis are more powerful militarily. The Israelis are more interested in protecting their people. Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields, putting them in harm’s way. Hamas has consistently sent rockets into civilian areas. Fortunately, the Israelis have the Iron Dome. If not, they would have lost thousands of citizens. Hamas has put rocket launchers in hospitals, schools and private homes, sacrificing its people for public sympathy.

Don’t get me wrong — this war is a tragedy for both sides. Whose fault is it? The Israelis have every right to defend themselves. I feel very sorry for the people of Gaza; sorry that they were misguided into supporting these fanatics who are bent only on revenge.

Instead of building up the infrastructure of Gaza when the world community helped them out, Hamas used the money and materials to build tunnels and rockets. Israel, during that time, offered to help install pipes so that people would have fresh water in Gaza, but was turned down. Thus, it’s understandable that Israel and Egypt set up blockades.

Just imagine a scenario in which Mexico sent rockets into Los Angeles. We probably would not send leaflets to lessen the deaths of civilians as the Israelis did. We would retaliate.

Until Gaza comes under different leadership, I would not want our tax dollars going to Hamas. It would just use the money to buy more weapons and build more tunnels.

Joel Packer


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