If all a candidate has to do to get Don Roberts’ stamp of approval is have a positive message in his political ad, here are some suggestions:

What about A. Wolf? “Hi, folks! I’m running on a ‘law and order’ platform. I’m the only official willing to take on the Red Cape youth gang. And I’m proud of the nickname they’ve given me: Big Bad. Any time you see them lurking in woods or around senior citizens’ homes, just call 1-Big-Bad-Wolf.”

Here’s another Wolf running for office. “That’s right, folks! Urban blight is destroying our tax base and creating havens where welfare cheats like the Porcine brothers can hide. Elect me and I promise to huff and puff until all those substandard structures are gone.”

Gov. Paul LePage said the state was open for business, until a foreign company that is successful in an industry he doesn’t like, wanted to invest in Maine. His quixotic response has made other companies leery of moving here.

LePage made domestic violence a main issue of his administration, until the Legislature passed a law that didn’t suit him so he vetoed it.

LePage cut taxes, and hasn’t paid the state’s share of revenue to municipalities, forcing some to raise property taxes, the most regressive form of taxes, especially for seniors living on fixed incomes.

The next time Roberts evaluates ads he might want facts to be a necessary part of that positive message.

Gordon Stevens


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