As a working class Mainer, I am concerned with legislation that nickel and dimes taxpayer’s out of their hard-earned wages and benefits. I believe in affordable health care, the right to earn a livable wage and the fair allocation of taxes. I believe that state Senate candidate Rebecca Cornell du Houx, a Democrat from Augusta, will be the best person to serve those causes for District 15.

Rebecca has experience working in the health care sector for several local nonprofit agencies, whose goal is to provide outreach to low-income and disabled Mainers. She will be able to take these experiences to the Senate to ensure that Medicaid is expanded to the 70,000 hard-working Mainers who have been denied this basic right.

Rebecca also will use her experience to seek an increase in the state’s minimum wage and to restore municipal revenue sharing that will ease the property tax burden of thousands of Mainers.

Gordon Spinney


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