As a senior citizen of Maine, I cannot see that Gov. Paul LePage has done anything to help seniors.

Before he was elected, LePage told seniors he would work to eliminate taxing senior pensions. It never materialized, but $3,000 of my home exemption on my property taxes was taken away since LePage has been in office. This has made my property taxes go up.

Also, because of the problems between the state and municipal taxes, excise taxes still plague us older citizens every year. Seniors still pay a huge portion in property taxes to support school districts until we drop dead, even though we don’t have children in school.

If any governor wants to help seniors, he should eliminate taxes on pensions and excise taxes on automobiles, and a decrease the amount we pay for school taxes once we reach the age of 65.

Many of Maine’s seniors have to depend Social Security alone, while trying to hang onto their homes. If they are lucky, and they own their homes without a mortgage, they can manage to live out their senior years without going to nursing homes. It is no wonder seniors are now giving up their entire lives from bringing up their families here in Maine to retire in other states.

It is not right to treat seniors like this. This is such a disservice to all of us who have supported this state all our lives.

Joan Gilbert-Croteau


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