I remember when this country was proud to be called “One Nation Under God.” Now we’re just sitting around and waiting for someone else to tear down a 10 commandments monument or put down God’s word.

What happened to the “God bless America” signs that were all over America after 9/11?

Why did America take regular Bible reading and prayer out of some schools? Did it offend someone?

What on Earth do you suppose God is going to do when he gets offended? Which is better: take a Bible to school or a gun or knife?

Why can’t people say “Merry Christmas” in some work places?

Why? Because there’s an underlying evil sweeping over this country. The only way to get rid of it is for every God-fearing person to humble themselves and pray, ask God for forgiveness and then repent of their wicked ways. Then and only then will he turn away his wrath. He created the Earth, and he can fix it. All we need to do is ask.

Norman B. Perkins


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