On Sunday, Sept. 7, we went to a private home in Waterville to meet and talk with Eliot Cutler.

Cutler revealed that he lived meagerly as a child in Bangor where, like most other Mainers, he learned to be independent and self-reliant. Those qualities are evident in his campaign for governor.

Cutler doesn’t receive funding from the likes of the billionaire Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson. Billionaires and Wall Street bankers want a governor, Democrat or Republican, beholden to them, and they will spend whatever it takes to elect one.

As an independent, Cutler doesn’t owe allegiance to billionaires or corporations. He clearly understands our urgent need for tax reform, health care reform and a trained workforce. These are things that Maine business owners most often recite to him that would grow businesses and increase employment.

For more than eight years, party favorites have done little to improve Maine’s economy. We expect when the debates begin Cutler will resonate as the only one of the candidates capable of stopping Maine’s race to the bottom among not only New England states but the entire nation.

Jim Chiddix


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