I offer my support of former Augusta Mayor William Dowling in his bid for re-election as mayor. Bill is one of the hardest working and strongest supporters of our city. His efforts on Lithgow Library, the new Cony High and third bridge show that commitment. Bill doesn’t just talk; he gets things done.

While Bill was on the Council and mayor he kept Augusta from serious financial boondoggles like Crowe Rope and First Park, both of which would have strangled the city’s financial position for decades. During the Crowe Rope discussion, Bill said, ” I will not put the city of Augusta’s credit on the line for private enterprise.” With those few words, he kept Augusta from the consequences other communities were not so fortunate to avoid.

Bills plain talk and levelheadedness will be an asset to Augusta. I urge others to join me in voting for Dowling in November.

Larry Fleury


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