I haven’t seen any criticisms of the accuracy of television ads from Gov. Paul LePage or Eliot Cutler, but Mike Michaud seems to have a pattern of false or misleading ads. His attack ad against Kevin Raye in 2012 failed this newspaper’s “truth test” and he took down an ad last year that was critical of Maine’s economy under LePage because it used outdated jobs data.

That’s why I was especially disappointed to see that Michaud put out yet another deceptive ad; this time fabricating a newspaper headline on the screen. Citing oneself as a source would probably get a student a failing grade on an essay, and I give Michaud a failing grade on his TV ad that cites his own press release as a source.

I think we can all agree that regardless of our political party, we should hold candidates accountable for false or misleading campaign ads.

Penny Morrell


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