Some say Gov. Paul LePage has done a horrible job. Let’s take a look.

LePage has done so poorly that the jobless rate dropped from 7.9 percent in January 2011 to 5.5 percent in July 2014. Disgusting.

Jobs? He increased jobs only by 18,000. Atrocious.

He hates the poor to the extent that 70,000 low-income people were kept off the tax rolls. Terrible, isn’t it?

He despises the state so much that he not only passed the largest tax cut in Maine’s history, he also generated $48,000 in new revenue and stopped the auto-increase in the gas tax. Dreadful.

LePage also preserved welfare for the truly needy. Simply cruel.


And what kind of a bully would pay off the $490 million hospital bill, which two prior administrations ignored for more than a decade?

What kind of person would do these things? Our great governor, that’s who. Re-elect Paul LePage.

Greg Paquet


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