There’s smart, and then there’s “smart-aleck.” Mike Michaud is the former, John Frary the latter.

You don’t need a string of degrees to be a smart person. Like Frary, I happen to have a couple of degrees. So what. I’ve known Michaud since 1986; he’s one smart cookie and will make a great governor.

Michaud understands policy, and he reads people as well as books. Meaning, he has what it takes to lead and to govern. Sure, that includes thinking; it also means listening, understanding where compromise is possible, and crafting policy that gets votes. It means having values that guide his actions, like supporting policies that fairly pay for a hard day’s work and respect the dignity of all Maine people.

No doubt Frary is still miffed he lost an election to Michaud, but that’s no reason to inflict his disrespectful comments on the rest of us.

Rep. Sharon Anglin Treat


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