The front page story, “TV ad incites LePage to rebuff Michaud,” in the Sept. 23 newspaper reveals an important truth about Paul LePage. He is afraid to stand on the same stage and debate Mike Michaud.

LePage has been building up to this for weeks, and now has used the weakest of reasons — a campaign ad he dislikes (which Michaud didn’t make and can’t control) — to “re-evaluate” his participation in the six debates he agreed to do. He knows in his gut that the bluff and bluster, the rudeness and vulgarity he has used during his first term won’t work when he stands on the same stage with Michaud. The TV cameras will expose the reality that he is nothing more than “sound and fury signifying nothing.” The threat to back out of the debates shows that at the core he, like all bullies, is nothing more than a coward.

Richard Davies


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